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Finding Employment After 50

Are you feeling past your prime? Let’s face it times have changed dramatically, particularly in the job market, and getting a job now is definitely harder than it used to be. We’ve all heard how difficult it is, many have experienced how challenging it can be. There’s more competition out there, they’re younger, and all ready to take on the world. However, don’t lose hope; we’ve got a few pointers to help you stay on track, and keep your name in the running.

A few quick tips to be in the know on getting a new job:

resume1) Resume length: Now this really depends on how many years you have in your chosen field. If you have less than 10 years, you want to try to keep it to one page.  If you have more than 10 years’ experience in the field you’re applying for jobs in, having a two page resume is okay too.
(Why so short?) Most employers want to see the relevance of your experience correlating directly to the job position at hand. They don’t want to flip through pages and pages of job information that isn’t relevant. Remember you have the experience. Whatever you don’t have listed on your resume, you can always mention in your resume.

2) Don’t rest on your laurels. At this point in your careers you are likely to have skills and knowledge that others want. While waiting for a call about an interview, consider creating a blog or freelancing in your field if you can. This can be added to your resume to show you’re staying current and possibly give you a little extra cash to help you bridge the gap between paychecks.

article-2282043-182957FB000005DC-946_634x4243) Think about employing yourself. After years of working for others, maybe you aren’t wanting to jump back into the fray so quickly. Consider starting your own business. You’ve watched how they run and might have some ideas to better run things than your last employer did. Working for yourself lets you be in control of your own destiny. Look into taking some community college classes in business if you’re new to the idea. There is a lot of risk in opening your own business, so while this might seem like the best option, be very cautious when going it alone, and be prepared to look elsewhere for things like benefits.

4) Consider more training. Speaking of community college, it’s not just for business classes. If there is something that you always wanted to learn or do but didn’t have the time, now you do. Skill sets needed to get jobs have changed since you first entered the job market, and it’s okay to put your time and effort into getting yourself up to speed. Plus colleges are full of people to make connections with, and networking is definitely an important part of landing a job these days. There is also usually a careers center that can look over your resume and might have some ideas of places you can apply.safe_image


Being over the hill doesn’t mean you’ve been put out to pasture. Getting a job after 50 isn’t impossible by any means. Have some job tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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