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First Date Horror Story…Oh Look It’s Online!

Is live tweeting the new trend in online dating?  In case you’ve missed it, actor Colton Haynes was out and about the other night, and found himself sitting next to a couple on their first date, and decided to live tweet about it. Sorry “Dan,” it doesn’t look good on you getting that second date with Tracey. At least according to Colton Haynes, it’s not. Once Colton started tweeting, it wasn’t long until E! picked up on what he was doing, along with Perez Hilton, and BuzzFeed.

Much to everyone’s entertainment, Colton started tweeting the event upon finding that the couple met online. Among the juicy details, Colton reported that “Dan” was still married, and currently calls one of his ex girlfriend’s his cousin.  “Dan” proceeded to bring up their exes in a conversation, call “Tracey” the wrong name, and how long it took him to pull his cellphone out of their pocket.

Now while I admit to finding this tweeting saga mildly entertaining, especially it coming from a celebrity (who’s shows I watch), I’m not sure how entertained I would be if I was Tracey coming home, and finding my failed night all over social media. Even though he kept his story lighthearted, and even comical, it seems a little invasive. He was so involved in their date that he even followed them out the door!  Throughout the feed, Colton mentioned how he should tweet situations like this more often. 

So I ask myself, is this really something that people should take public, or was it just a bit too intrusive? What do you think? Leave me a comment below, and let me know your thoughts! To get the whole play by play, check out E!’s cover of the story here

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